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2022-2023 Classroom Impact Grants

Award Grant Project
$106 For softer lighting solutions for Lindsay McNeill’s class at AHS.
$945 For Jennifer Wahpepah, Reed Sorensen and Alan Parowski’s AHS science students to learn about mycology and soil remediation through hands-on activities.
$490 For graphic novels for Isaiah Creel’s 9th grade Humanities students to interpret and better access Beowulf at AHS.
$430 To purchase spectrometers for Michael Gullo, Becky DeSalvo, Todd Hobein and Jesse Stonewood’s science classes at AHS.
$755 For the purchase of 3-D models to teach hands-on learning of each of the body systems in McKael Kenfield’s Anatomy & Physiology classes at AHS.
$1,425 For textbooks on religious diversity around the world for Ronan Dunphy’s World Religion students at AHS.
$650 For a new camera for Lucinda Ulrich’s Yearbook Class at AHS.
$2,000 For Maryetta Jacques’ AHS Interior Design students to design and create a functional space in the new Alternative Education space in the Lincoln building.
$600 For Becky DeSalvo and Max Malcomb’s Studio Art students to paint a mural on the doors of the science building at AHS.
$500 To equip Wendy Werthaiser’s classroom with games and puzzles to practice social-emotional team building at AMS.
$919 To purchase tile sets and number sense games to help Kylie Patinio, Allen Lambert and Vanessa Grant’s students better visualize math concepts at AMS.
$379 For prizes to incentivize Jeni Gonzalez’s Spanish students to pursue extra Spanish practice outside of class time at AMS.
$127 For a set of pots and pans that are compatible with the induction cooktop in Lucinda Miftahittin’s new MAPS classroom at AMS.
$500 For alternative seating options to promote more attentive focus in Jake Holderman’s homeroom at AMS.
$955 For binoculars, feeders, and collision prevention decals for Andre Carvalhaes’ Ornithology class at AMS.
$640 For balance discs and balance ball chairs to promote focus and engagement in Amy VanKuiken’s Language Arts classroom at AMS.
$675 To go toward online subscriptions for educational technology programs to support a wide and diverse range of learning styles amongst her Social Studies students at AMS.
$500 For various imaginative play toys for Lauren McGowne’s kindergarteners at Bellview Elementary.
$455 For clay, paints, pastels and other art materials for Lindsay Gates’ Bellview Elementary students.
$403 For a classroom set of a math-based game for Max Schmeling’s students at Bellview Elementary.
$883 For thermometers, timers, tapes and more for JoEllen Myerhoff’s students to learn math by measuring various elements during outdoor learning at TRAILS.
$329 To purchase trail cameras for James Bowers’ Earth Teach students at TRAILS to practice math and science by studying evidence of wildlife in the area.
$660 For high-interest novels and stationery to start small book groups in Amy Kneeland’s 2nd grade class at Walker Elementary.
$100   To purchase materials for students in Tara Elder-Hammond’s class to build their own board games at Willow Wind Community Learning Center.
$810 As requested by Erika Lowe for 9 classroom sets of headphones for learning stations throughout the school at Willow Wind Community Learning Center.

2022-2023 Education Support Grants

Award Grant Project
$4,000 To support science lab aides at AHS.
$8,000 For music coaches to support strings students at AHS and AMS.
$5,000 To purchase science equipment for the AHS science lab.
$1,000 To support the Land & People Recognition installation at the District Offices.
$1,000 For all kindergarteners to work with AHS Woodshop students to make handmade Mothers’ Day gifts.
$2,500 For AMS to put on the Addams Family Musical.
$1,000 To purchase gas, grocery and coffee gift cards as incentives and barrier-reducers for students throughout the district to improve attendance rates.
$10,000 For teacher-advised professional development opportunities throughout the district.
$10,000 In Amazon gift cards for every teacher in the district to put toward classroom supplies.
$6,320 To purchase iPads to aid in decreasing language barriers and support students who are learning the English language.
$1,700 For laptops for the AHS Robotics Club to design, program and maneuver robots.
$1,000 For the AHS Film Club to produce a short film.
$2,440 To establish an Intro to Ceramics Class and afterschool club at AMS.
$500 To create a mural at Bellview Elementary honoring Indigenous People in collaboration with high school students.
$1,000 To support pollinator and compost education at the Bellview Elementary Food Forest.
$1,103 To purchase jump ropes and equipment storage for PE and recess at the new TRAILS campus.
$1,285 To establish Regulation Stations in K-3 classrooms at TRAILS and Willow Wind to help students identify and regulate their emotions to better focus in class.
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