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2023-2024 Classroom Impact Grants

Award Grant Project
$540 To bring weekly school-wide music instruction and singalong sessions to the students of Willow Wind, as proposed by Mira Peterson Adams.
$2,795 For the purchase of a freeze dryer for TRAILS to enable students to plan, prepare and freeze dry their own nutritious meals for overnight backpacking trips while learning the science of deep freezing. This acquisition also aims to reduce costs for the TRAILS community when purchasing food for student overnight trips.
$385 For Mrs. Cusenza’s AMS class to purchase copies of a young readers edition of a book by Abby Wambach for middle school leadership classes, promoting empowerment, teamwork, inclusivity, and resilience.
$350 For Miss Grant to start an after-school club at AMS teaching students how to spin poi, a form of flow arts/dance, to meet 2-3 times a week.
$270 To elevate the experiences and perspectives of marginalized students in public schools through the exploration of issues in literature by reading “Harbor Me” in Miss Wendy’s 6th grade class at AMS.
$237 To purchase subscriptions to educational technology tools like Gimkit, Pixton, Formative, and Brainpop to support diverse learners in Ms. McMillan’s AMS social studies classes.
$480 To acquire 3-D models of the Earth (globes) to teach students about map projections, geography, and Earth’s natural cycles in Ms. Hannah’s science classes at AMS.
$300 To build a diverse and full repository of materials in William Beckett’s science classroom at AMS for various engineering challenges such as bridge building, solar cars, earthquake-resistant houses, egg drops and more.
$179 To introduce a streaming service offering leveled Spanish readers read by native speakers to support differentiation and language learning in Señora González’ World Languages classes at AMS.
$450 For Pear Deck, a tech tool that increases engagement and offers formative data collection for better student feedback during lessons in Mr. Hampton’s AMS classroom.
$300 To enhance classroom environments in line with the school district’s goals for creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive atmosphere in Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Joranco’s AHS math classrooms.
$500 For Ms. Barber to acquire a color laser printer to support yearbook programs, humanities classes, and AP Art History courses at AHS.
$433 For copies of the book “The Haunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson for Lindsay McNeill’s AHS humanities classes for an exploration of suspense and fear from different viewpoints in literature.
$953 For Mr. Dunphy to take AHS students to an OSF production of “Where We Belong” to study the relationship between Native Stories and European literature.
$160 For MP3 players to help Julie Bleicker’s AMS students regulate emotions and cope with intense emotions through music.
$605 To purchase 40 Texas Instrument Scientific Calculators for math and science classes, clubs, and competition use for Mr. Lambert’s AMS students.
$350 As requested by Paul Kitzman for kitchen equipment and appliances, including a color printer, blender, and stove pipe, to support the AHS Inspire House program’s cooking curriculum and future student-run businesses while enhancing the learning environment and collaborations.
$144 For a yearlong subscription to an app to help Ms. Steiner’s ELD students strengthen and monitor their vocabulary progress at AHS.
$300 To purchase games for a ‘Fiesta Friday’ activity aimed at building connections among students in Greg Hanzel’s special education class at AMS.
$250 To create a welcoming and inclusive environment in Ms. VanKuiken’s AMS classroom with diverse posters, storage solutions, and organizational materials.
$500 To support a unit on “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho in Ms. Street’s AMS class, helping students explore literary concepts, the hero’s journey, and identify their personal legends.
$364 For Mr. Stroud’s WAMS students at AMS to create a greenscreen floor for video production, enhancing filmmaking possibilities for students.
$225 To purchase cribbage boards to teach math skills and encourage mathematical discourse among Mr. McBaine’s AMS students.
$350 For Mindy Lindgren’s world languages students at AMS to prepare traditional foods from Mexico, Columbia and Venezuela as well as to carry out an experiential restaurant project to practice Spanish.
$500 To create props and rent performance space from the Bellview Grange for Mr. Schmeling’s Bellview Elementary 5th graders’ production of Alien: The Play.
$675 For access to a special interactive listening program to enhance the physical education experience in Mrs. Gates’ Bellview Elementary classroom.
$479 To purchase headsets for Miss Kerri’s MAPS students to access a multi-sensory approach to learning at Bellview Elementary.
$513 To equip Ms. Anderson’s AHS physical education classes with lawn games to promote socialization and enjoyment of learning.
$300 As requested by Ms. McMillan to purchase a class set of middle school-level graphic novels to enrich the classroom library and complement social studies units at AMS.
$250 For Laurie Green to acquire two sets of 25 books by BIPOC authors for her TRAILS classroom read-alouds to increase diversity in literature, promote cross-curricular learning, and provide opportunities for discussions and deeper understanding of underrepresented cultures and histories.
$500 To provide cooking projects and at-home cooking kits for Ms. Ferguson’s 4th-grade Walker Elementary students to promote healthy eating and life-long cooking skills.
$200 For Tara Elder-Hammond to acquire sound cards for K3 for reading intervention to support phonological processing at Willow Wind.
$1,200 For additional binoculars for André Carvalhaes’ birdwatching students at AMS, as well as other tools to study birds on campus.

2023-2024 Education Support Grants

Award Grant Project
$3,048 As requested by Ms. Fox to bring all 9th grade AHS students to an OSF production of Macbeth in the Spring of 2024 following their studies on Shakespeare in the classroom. This grant will ensure no-cost tickets to all free and reduced lunch (FRL) students and will lower non FRL student ticket prices to $20 each.
$545 As requested by JoEllen Meyeroff to create a welcoming and inclusive natural play environment within the TRAILS courtyard while fostering a deeper student connection with nature.
$514 As requested by Ms. Johnson to establish a junior coaching program for TRAILS students to promote leadership skills, respect, and inclusivity by engaging with younger students during recess through various field games and traditional sports.
$1,520 As requested by Ms. Sinclair to continue Walker Elementary’s partnership with SOU for garden education at the 4th-grade level.
$1,273 As requested by Molly Moncrief for all Walker Elementary staff to have access to the All Things EQ platform that teaches social emotional learning techniques to staff and families.
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