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2021-2022 Classroom Impact Grants | $32,790

Award Grant Project
$94 For Marissa Watson purchase plywood for her AHS math and algebra students to use a laser engraver to turn linear equations into art pieces.
$899 For Timaree Joe’s AHS business students to have access to flexible seating options to increase focus and meet the varied needs of students.
$692 For the purchase of 3-D models to teach hands on learning of each of the body systems in McKael Kenfield’s Anatomy & Physiology classes at AHS.
$970 For electric instrument pickups for Ian Miller’s AHS jazz band students.
$2,500 For Andrea Royse, James Johnson and Amy Merwin to purchase supplies and hire music and technical directors to put on the AMS spring musical theater production of Starmites.
$500 To start a Free Choice Reading Program in Jennifer Gonzalez’s 7th and 8th grade Spanish classes at AMS, in which students can select reading materials from a variety of leveled Spanish language books.
$2,000 For John Stroud’s AMS art students to have access to quality paper, paints and ceramics supplies throughout the school year.
$500 To supply Amy VanKuiken’s AMS homeroom and language arts classes with hands-on games and puzzles to serve as collaborative activities for students to rebuild social skills, promote team building, and encourage camaraderie and laughter as students re-enter the classroom.
$978 To replace older, worn-out copies of The Outsiders as AMS language arts teachers Austin Wallace and Amy VanKuiken prepare to read this classic novel with their 7th and 8th graders.
$659 For Wendy Werthaiser to purchase a set of copies of The Parker Inheritance to add to her collection of BIPOC-written novels for her AMS sixth graders to read and learn about anti-racism.
$383 To purchase diverse reading materials for Ellen Gayton’s 2nd grade class at Bellview to create opportunities for students to learn about different cultures.
$507 For every Bellview student to have their own mat to use during Angela Johnson’s K-5 PE classes.
$500 For Bellview kindergarten teacher Lauren McGowne to stock her classroom library with a variety of new reading materials for students.
$588 For Sheri Preskenis and Cory Carnes’ Bellview fourth graders to have access to hands-on, tactile STEM projects to encourage critical thinking and problem solving across all subject areas.
$1,512 To purchase a variety of flexible seating options for Helman first graders in Ashley Schwedes and Toni DiMaggio’s classrooms to support the learning and focus needs of all students.
$1,096 For James Bowers to start a rain gear library at JMOS so every K-8 student has access to quality weather-appropriate clothing for all outdoor activities.
$1,604 To purchase a PA system for Sage Meadows’ music classes at JMOS inorder to amplify students’ singing voices during performances.
$300 For David Wasserman’s 7th grade math students to participate in a creative project to apply their math skills by creating cement stepping stones for the new JMOS site.
$340 For AHS teacher Adrienne Fox Hillman to teach Econ to her students using the Settlers of Catan board game.
$1,395 To update the sewing machines in AHS teacher Jill Carrigan Britt’s Fiber Arts studio.
$2,800 To support Betsy Bishop in taking AHS theater students to the State Festival Showcase with their production of Bright Star.
$710 For Amy VanKuiken and Austin Wallace to purchase mats and speakers to create spaces for mindfulness practice in their homeroom and Language Arts classes at AMS.
$902 To bring creative, collaborative projects and reading support materials to Karl Pryor’s AMS Library, where students have been gathering and socializing since re-entering in-person instruction.
$500   To start a Free Choice Reading Program in Elisabeth Atanes’ 7th and 8th grade Spanish classes at AMS, in which students can select reading materials from a variety of leveled Spanish language books.
$403 To Student Support Specialist Allison Hass to plant a “Kindness Rocks” garden on the AMS campus for all students to contribute to. 
$502 For Jennifer Campbell and Lucinda Miftahittin to purchase specialty assistive technology calculators to support AMS students with varied learning abilities to have greater access to general education classes and curriculum.
$1,000 For Andre Carvalhaes, Daniel Otte and Kristi Healy’s AMS science classes to acquire new binoculars to be used in a hands-on citizen science project in which they will collect real data to be used in bird conservation projects.
$315 For Kylie Patinio’s 7th and 8th graders to build 3-D cardboard utopian model cities for hands-on application of the geometry they have been studying during distanced learning at AMS.
$1,200 For Sage Meadows’ K-5 Bellview music program to purchase a set of quality, traditional instruments that are accessible to students of diverse physical capabilities.
$632 To equip Karen Tkaczyk-Turner’s K-5 reading room at Helman Elementary with new flexible seating options to boost student focus and engagement.
$1,070  To purchase materials in support of the Pond Restoration Project at Helman Elementary in collaboration with Tia McClean, Mia Driscoll, Kari Smith, and Mary Snowden, as well as Lomakatsi and the City of Ashland.
$975 To purchase tablets for Amy Merwin’s music classes at Helman Elementary to give students access to technology that will allow them to compose, record and practice music in class.
$1,000 To purchase food for Ky Ferguson’s monthly take-home and at-school cooking classes for K-5 Walker Elementary students.
$952 To purchase materials for Willow Wind’s food forest, led by Nicole Ferer, in which fruits, vegetables, edible shrubs and herbs will be grown to teach students about gardening, sustainability and community food access.
$1,702 To purchase materials needed to support Emily Bland and Kim Keoppen’s STEAM Academy at Willow Wind, which offers hands-on, project-based learning for middle school students in collaboration with math, science and language arts teachers.
$110 To purchase building materials for Mira Peterson Adams and Kim Keoppen to adapt outdoor learning spaces at Willow Wind to accommodate all students.

2021-2022 Education Support Grants | $42,500

Award Grant Project
$4,500 To hire music coaches to support students in Jennifer Carstensen’s AMS band program.
$8,000 To hire music coaches for Lauren Trolley’s strings classes at AMS and AHS.
$8,000  To support the AHS Tutoring Center under the supervision of Tammy Anderson.
$2,500 In general support for Ian Miller’s AHS band program.
$5,000 For science equipment to be used in AHS science classes per Todd Hobein’s request (also supported by the Sharkey Foundation).
$3,000 To support vocational programming at AHS as per the requests of Richard Britt and Mark Miller.
$800 To support a student incentive program at AHS as per the request of Rebecca Gyarmathy.
$7,015 To purchase curriculum and support facilitator training for district-wide staff to learn to lead social-emotional learning circles, as organized by Diane Berry and Karsten Peterson.
$2,000 To purchase fun learning materials for kindergarten readiness packets for all incoming Ashland kindergarteners, as organized by district-wide kindergarten teachers and Debbie Schaffer-Pew.
$700 To purchase supplies and materials for Bellview’s school-wide Earth Day celebration.
$1,000 To support the implementation of the Land & People Recognition canoe installation project on district property.

2021-2022 Other Funds | $44,000

Award Grant Project
$35,000 Toward the purchase of dozens of brand-new, quality musical instruments to be used in the AHS and AMS band programs.
$9,000 To support district-wide student affinity groups, including (but not limited to) Black Student Unions (BSU), Latinx Student Unions (LSU), Gay-Straight Alliances and Gender Spectrum Alliances (GSA), and Native American Student Unions (NASU). 
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