We empower educators, embrace diversity,
and advocate for a vibrant, holistic education for every student.

Our Mission

To support quality education in Ashland, Oregon’s public schools through fundraising in the community.

We believe quality public education is vital to the success of our kids and the health our community. With the help of our donors, we fund important programs that provide enrichment in the classroom, trainings for teachers, after-school tutoring for students, and (as of the 2020 Almeda Fire) emergency-assistance funding for educators.

Since our founding in 1989, contributions to the Ashland Schools Foundation have totaled over $9 million. These gifts had made various historic impacts over the years — from refurbishing the high school’s outdoor track in the first year, to putting $30,000 worth of new at-home devices into the hands of students during the pandemic.

Over thirty years later, we remain committed to supporting excellence and innovation in teaching, and ensuring the success of every Ashland student. Though our grant programs have shifted to accommodate the growing needs of the district, our dedication to Ashland’s legacy of outstanding education remains steadfast.

Let’s continue supplying our teachers and students with the resources they deserve, together.

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Your involvement matters

When we’re engaged in the advancement of public schools, we all win together.