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Ashland Schools Foundation Grants

With the many years of budget cuts in the schools, the Ashland Schools Foundation has concentrated our funding on core educational support.


great teachers!
 “I’d hate to think that I might be aiming for less out of life if I wasn’t surrounded by such passionate teachers, and given so many opportunities along the way.” – Susannah, AHS Student
We believe that the close relationship between a teacher and a student is key to a student’s success in education.  By committing our funding to teachers, we are able to keep class sizes to a level that personal relationships are possible. We know, from asking students, that great teachers have made a big difference in their education:

“Looking back over my years in the Ashland School District I am so thankful for the many impacts I have had from specific teachers, educational programs, and academic experiences. I don’t think I would be in the position I am in today, on my way to college with confidence, if it weren’t for these positive influences. Thank you for being a part of my educational success.”  - Savannah, AHS Senior

With the support of the community, Ashland has been able to put students first, holding onto many arts, science and advanced placement courses – but unfortunately we have lost many other choices throughout the K-12 system. Once a program is cut, it is much more difficult to restore. Great teachers move on – ideas disappear.

In the 2016-17 school year, ASF gave $196,000 for Education Support throughout the seven schools. We would love to do more.  We are working with the school district to reassess where our grant funds would have the largest impact for our students. We hope to increase our funding this year so we can take on some NEW projects! Our total granting goal for this year is $225,000 - we need your support to reach this attainable amount.  Please give generously.

Remember: We are only limited by the amount of donations we are given.