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The NEW Robert W. Julian Track at Ashland High is on its way! The Beynon company is restoring the track in mid-October and it should be ready for use sometime in November. 

Thank you to all of the many donors for your support. We will be announcing a limited PHASE II fundraising effort to help fund the many projects and items that are still needed for the Track facility and program. If you haven't given yet - we still need your help!

UPDATE: AHS New Track is on its way

Click on the "RESTORE ASHLAND TRACK" logo (left) to go to the Track Fundraising page. 


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We have exciting news!  We are on the verge of bringing back after-school programs in the three elementary schools next year - but we need to gather the funding to get it done!

Quality education doesn't happen by accident - it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and abundant resources.  The Ashland Schools rate high in the quality of education they are giving our children.  Let's work together to keep it that way! 

We are continuing our Excellence Has a Price campaign, showcasing Ashland Alumni to find out how their Ashland education set them on the pathway to success.  Like us on Facebook to follow along.

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Click HERE to view our 2016 Thank you ad appearing in the August 2016 Sneak Preview Magazine.



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Are you one of the many shoppers who purchase gifts and necessities online?  If so, there are simple ways for your shopping dollars to also benefit the Ashland Schools! 

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